We know how much effort has gone into using the best products available to insure a finish that will protect the wood craftsmanship of every piece. The finish we use is a post-catalyzed varnish, or conversion varnish. One of the many superior aspects of our varnish is that it is non-yellowing — unlike lacquer. Please note: baby it at your house for the first 30 days — giving the finish time to cure. Standard is Custom At Simply Amish so much of what we do as standard is considered custom by many in the furniture industry. Each piece of our furniture is available in 8 different northern hardwoods and a variety of stains. You can see a complete listing of available options on our Available Woods and Stains page.Standard Options Many of our standard options originated because consumers were requesting these features as custom. We therefore made the process simpler by making these standard options. Check each individual product for what options are available.When standard is not enough If you want it wider, deeper, taller, have fewer drawers, or maybe its something completely different — we can make it for you. At Simply Amish all our furniture is made to order, therefore giving us tremendous flexibility in our manufacturing process to make our furniture, your furniture.

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