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Over the years we have accumulated over 1000 5 star reviews and we wanted to put together some of our favorites, the good and the bad, and the ones we learned the most from. Today, these are the best reviews that represent Barstools & Dinettes.

How do you measure or define above and beyond?  I will tell you.  That is Cory at Barstools and Dinettes, in Raleigh NC.  For months, my husband and I were searching for the “perfect bar”.  I would do internet searches, go on craigslist, and visit all of the local furniture stores.  I finally spotted one that caught my eye, but it was all the way in NC and I lived in Charleston SC.  I sent a message to the store,  I wasn’t anticipating a response, but not only did I receive a response, but received a quick one.  I asked questions about the bar found on-line, then Cory not only sent pictures of the bar I inquired about, but he also sent pictures of others in the store that also fit my query.  I spotted “the one”.  I did not receive simple short answer responses, but was given details from the color stain, measurements, cost, and pictures of every angle.

I was not only impressed with the professional manner in which we were treated by Cory, but also the entire staff at the store.  I sent messages constantly, and was never treated like I was being a bother.  I was told that when Cory was off, any other staff member could assist, because details were shared by all.  I felt as though I had been a regular customer for years.  Next phase was seeing the piece in person.  We just happened to be traveling to Raleigh in a couple of weeks, and Cory was kind enough to keep us posted on whether the piece was still available or if it was sold. I asked about delivery, and I was given details on the cost, different options, and dates of delivery. 
No surprises!  What we saw in the showroom was exactly what we expected.  We purchased the bar.  Delivery was arranged and even though Cory had personal events scheduled the weekend of the delivery, he did not make us feel in any way that we were inconveniencing him.  It took approximately a 5 hour travel time, one way.  Once the pieces were assembled, I mentioned that one side was slightly crooked, and without any complaints immediately disassembled it and put it together again, stating that he wanted to make us happy.  It was perfect.  I am posting a picture to share how perfectly it matched our dining room set.
After Cory left, we were polishing the bar and noticed the bar footrest end cap was missing.  I reached out to ask Cory if he could check the truck or the showroom for this missing piece.  Once again, another example of going above and beyond.  Cory contacted the manufacturer and ordered this missing piece.  The piece arrived today, and it now looks complete.  Cory was out of the office for a week, yet he reached out to check to see if we received the piece.

I would recommend anyone looking for a dining room set, bar, or bar stools to go to the Barstools and dinettes in Raleigh, and ask for Cory.  You will not be disappointed.  So professional, and so helpful.  It was definitely worth traveling the distance to get this bar and making a new friend.

Thank you,

Cynthia and Robert Whitlock

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