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Customize Your Outdoor Dining Experience

We carry outdoor specialty items that you can use by the pool, on the back porch, on the patio, in the garden, and more. 

We will provide you options based on your style and taste and budget.  We can custom order exactly you want and will help you match your outdoor dining to the style that will compliment your home.


When it comes to outdoor stools, material takes precedent over height.  Our expansive stool selection offers custom material options on almost all of our stools.  We would suggest metal, plastic, vinyl or steel for outdoor.


bistro tables are especially ideal for outdoor use. If you have a lawn or garden area that you would like to and enhance with an ‘accent piece’, then you might be interested in one of our bistro table sets that are especially designed with more durable materials for occasional outdoor use. Throw the garden party of the year!

The term ‘bistro’ comes from the phrase ‘Persian Bistro’, which in English means a small cafe with open seating. The first bistro table sets were seen in the late nineteenth century where, due to their historically ‘light’ and ‘nimble’ nature, they became a huge success with the lemonade-sellers who wished to avoid paying for a more ‘permanent’ fixture. Soon the legendary bistro table sets would be found everywhere … in Paris bistro cafes, in the outdoor cafes along the Seine and Marne rivers, and now… you will find them in a number of gardens and cafes throughout the West, where people will spend time gathered for coffee and conversation.


Let us Guide you through your custom shopping experience and point you towards the jewels that will refelct your style.
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