Farmhouse Tables


For every tabletop a signature is truly a craft within itself. A hand plane creates a piece that reflects incredible authenticity. 

One of the first choices you’ll make to craft your custom farmhouse table is to decide what style and shape fit your needs and vision. Would you like your table to be rectangular, square or round? This is dictated mostly by the space you have to work with. 

You’ll also want to give some thought to the tabletop. Do you want it plank style, where you can see a tight line between each board? Or a glued-up top that looks like one solid piece? With this option you can have just a simple smooth edge, or breadboard ends. Breadboard ends are accent pieces that we attached to the ends of the table to give a more finished look.

Leg Style:

Although there is a wide variety of dining table styles, the farmhouse table — with its four legs — is the most popular. This traditional style is also the most versatile, offered in rectangular or square and with a 1” or 1 ¾” thick top. We have a variety of turned legs there is also offer tapered or straight for a simple, clean-lined look. We can custom make these styles in a variety of sizes, from a small breakfast table up to a large conference table.  

Trestle farmhouse tables, has a rectangular top with two legs. Trestle tables offer the most leg room. Therefore, they work well in a banquet or with a built-in bench. But keep in mind they require a 1 ¾” thick top for stability. There is a lot of variety in their designs, especially when it comes to the legs. Clean line designs complement the smallest size table or beefier designs that stand out under the largest of tables.

Trestle farmhouse tables complement a variety of homes, from a bright beach bungalow to a massive stone French Country estate. Our trestle farmhouse tables are elegant and offer ample open space underneath for legroom. These tables demand space of their own and are called to be the center of décor in a room. They work well in a banquet or with a built-in bench as well. Trestle farmhouse tables come with 1 ¾” thick wood tops, and breadboard ends. All our table tops have a variety of custom options for stains, colors, and combinations. 

All lumber is purchased in maximum width and in the rough from local lumberyards. It is carefully selected and milled. This allows for optimal use of wood selection, ensuring most of the wood is used in both width and thickness, so there is little waste. We strive to leave as much of the natural character in each piece created.

pine table tops are usually hand planed and hardwood tops are hand scraped. We then distress and sand all edges for an aged, worn unique one of a kind look. All painted pieces are also distressed and sanded for a worn look.

Bases feature mortise and tenon joinery as well as newer techniques such as metal brackets and machine threaded inserts and bolts. Sliders and other hardware are used to allow for wood movement, which is so critical in solid wood furniture.

The finish is where we incorporate commercial grade lacquer as well as using a custom six-step aging process. These steps create a believable antique reproduction, which is protected against water, heat, and wear and tear for years to come.

Consider Steel and cast iron bases for a more industrial look.

If a round farmhouse table fits your space best, we have four leg or single pedestal options and these are available with 1” or 1 ¾” thick tops. As with all our tables, we have many base designs to choose from.

Choose from our selection of leg styles or if necessary, commission us to design a leg specific for you.


So much of making a room look great is creating the right balance of furniture and space. As you look around your room, consider the amount of space you have to work with and choose your table size accordingly.

We’ve got a few tips to help you make the right choice…

For starters, how big IS your space?

Take good measurements and factor in the furniture you have in the room (hutches, buffets, sofa tables, etc.) or pieces you may add down the road.

On average, you’ll need 24 inches per person for chair placement between the legs. Benches can fit more people, especially kids!! ☺   

After deciding what size best fits your needs and home, check out our online seating chart or see standard sizes, . We are happy to talk though dimensions with you to ensure you get a good fit!

Below are our standard sizes, but keep in mind, we are able to create any specific size just for you! 

Farmhouse Tables 

36″ x 4′ 36″ x 5′ 36″ x 6″ 40″ x 7′ 46″ x 8′ 46″ x 9′ 46″ x 10′ 46″ x 11′ 46″ x 12′ 

Tavern Farmhouse Tables with Breadboard Ends & Foot Rail 

36″ x 6′ 40″ x 7′ 46″ x 8′ 4′ x 10′ 

Trestle Farmhouse Table w/ Mission or French Country Style leg & Breadboard Ends 

36″ x 6′ 40″ x 7′ 46″ x 8′ 4′ x 10′ 

Round Pedestal Tables 48″, 54″, or 60″ Round 

Benches 14″ x 42″ 14″ x 54″ 14″ x 64″ 14″ x 76″ 

Coffee Tables 36″ x 4′ 30″ x 40″ 3′ x 3′ 

End Tables 28″ x 28″ 2′ x 2′ 21″ x 28″ 

Sofa Tables 18″ x 4′ 18″ x 5′

 Game Tables 3′ x 3′ 40″ x 40″ 

Kitchen Islands 2′ x 4′ cabinet base,

2 drwr 30″ x 5′ 1 shelf & 2 drawers 30″ x 5′ cabinet base,

2 drwr 36″ x 5′ cabinet base,

2 drwr 42″ x 5′ cabinet base,

2 drwr 36″ x 6′ cabinet base,

2 drwr 42″ x 6″ 


2 Drwr & 2 Dr Formal 7′ x 4′

2 Drwr & 2 Dr French Country 7′ x 4′

2 Drwr & 2 Dr Corner 7′ x 4′

4 Drwr & 4 Dr Formal 7′ x 6′

4 Drwr & 4 Dr Buffet Style 7′ x 6′ 


2 Drwr & 2 Dr Formal 21″ x 4′

4 Drwr & 4 Dr Formal 21″ x 6′

4 Drwr & 4 Dr Island Buffet 21″ x 7′ 


7’W x 2’D x 36″H   


There are 18” – 24” extensions for all farmhouse tables. This is a great way to add seating space for those times that company joins your family around your dining table.

These farmhouse table extensions allow you to have a smaller size table for your daily life. We’ve found that in a closed room, a fixed table works best, but in open concept spaces, extensions work really well. These two end pieces rest on support beams which pull out from the ends of the table. They need to be stored away separately when not in use.

Everyday Care–

Cleaning– Wipe furniture with light soapy water & dry with soft dishcloth. Allow piece to completely dry before redecorating. 

Minor Touch Ups– 



How many chairs will fit around my table?

Deciding how many people you can fit around your dining table is dictated by the size table you invest in at Carolina Farm Table. On average, you’ll need 24 inches per person for chair placement between the legs. Benches can fit more people, especially kids!! ☺   

After deciding what size farmhouse table best fits your needs and home, check out our online seating chart here and choose from our standard sizes, or create a custom size. We are happy to talk through details with you to ensure you get a good fit!

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