Dining Set
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(2) Chairs
Emily Side Chairs
Counter Height
Seat Finish: Heather Grey
Frame Finish: Pure White
Customize the seat to upholstered for +$25

Table  Height 36″
Top : Round
Finish: Heather Grey
Base : Pedestal
Finish: Pure White

Custom order this dining set to match your preferences. 

This set is in stock and used to display the types of furniture we can order but we will sell this set off the floor once an item has been discontinued or is no longer in our product line.






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John Thomas furniture on display and discounted at barstools and dinettes in Raleigh.  Visit the showroom to see this dining set and the rest of our dining furniture on display for custom ordering or purchase this set and take home today for your kitchen nook.

36″ Table & Emily Side Chairs John Thomas Furniture, Dining Set

Set Discounted Display Price $1070

These (2) Chairs 

Emily Side Counter Height Chairs 

Material: Wood

Seat Finish: Heather Grey

Frame Finish: Pure White

Customize seat options w = change to upholstered for +$40

This Table

30” Height

Top : 36″ Round

Finish: Heather Grey

Base : Pedestal

Finish: Pure White

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