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We strive to bring you choice and professional experience! Our showroom in Raleigh has a display of over 450 different styles of stools and over 100 dinettes sets. Our expert team has over 100 years experience in customizing furniture to your specifications and can assist you in finding the perfect piece for your home. If you would like to have your new furniture delivered to your home, ask about our in home delivery service. Your furniture can be delivered to your home and set up by our team, not an outside contractor. This is to ensure quality service throughout your entire experience with us. Call or visit our showroom today to begin an exciting furniture shopping adventure.



Barstools & Dinettes is an eco-friendly,  locally owned family business that has been serving North Carolina for over 34 years. As we are transitioning into the second generation of family ownership, we are adapting to the ever changing environment of the furniture industry. We set ourselves apart by providing you with a great selection of high quality North American made products. Maintaining an environment that our future generations can enjoy as much as we are able to is a top priority for us. Because this is so important to our family, we have teamed up with several American and Canadian manufacturers that have industry leading sustainability practices. Ask us about our sustainable manufactures program for more information!


Locally Owned & Operated

Barstools & Dinettes has been serving customers all over North Carolina.  We believe in good quality and home grown service & product and we are proud to pass our values down the line to our children.  We are excited about the evolving market and industry patterns.  We adapt to changing environments and that’s what has kept us running this long. We set ourselves apart by providing you with a product that never goes out of style, and a product that lasts lifetimes.  After people get tired of buying furniture over and over again because it simply doesn’t last, they are ready to invest in real furniture.  They soon learn that they could have saved more money in the long run had they started with Barstools and Dinettes.  Had they considered investing in real heirloom quality furniture vs the trending lower quality furniture delivered flat in a box.  best furniture from the start if they had just started with Barstools and Dinettes.  





We are not here to convince anyone of buying our furniture.  To be honest, we hope that you have done your research before you come to Barstools.  We actually hope that you have experienced lower quality furniture so you understand the importance in high quality furniture.  We actually even hope that you come in knowing exactly what you want.  Wouldn’t that make all of our lives easier?!  However, we are here to educate and inform.  Not influence or persuade.  If you want help when shopping for quality heirloom furniture, we are here to offer it. 

Why would you need a consultation for furniture design? Well, when you are buying not an accessory but rather a focal point and a staple to go within your home for as long as you have that home, you realize that you are adding to your home.  This piece of furniture is meant to last lifetimes.  So, you might want to have a good idea of what size furniture you need, what is comfortable to you and your family, what style you prefer and not what’s trending right now, and even wood species or finishing colors, as the colors should go along with the paint on your walls.  Not the decoration on the walls.

We will guide you in how to decide on See our featured products. Consider styling your own buffet.   We now carry outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is a cinch with finch. Check out our dinette sets. We have over 20 manufacturers we work with. See our barstools on display or in our catalog.  See our Canadel collection here.  


IN-HOUSE Delivery Team

Barstools & Dinettes has been serving customers all over North Carolina.  We deliver to Wilmington, Wake Forest, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston Salem and further.  Our in-house delivery service is of top notch.  We do no hire 3rd party movers or contract with the newest moving app technology.  These applications are better suited for quantity based furniture companies.  Like we strive to imply, Barstools and Dinettes is a quality based furniture company.  Because each furniture piece likely has at least one custom quality, we find it to be of utmost importance that you receive your furniture exactly how you custom ordered it.  You furniture piece does not go in a box truck full of boxes that get thrown around and tossed around in the truck.  No, Your furniture is wrapped with soft materials, positioned in our store owned delivery truck lined with soft materials and is carefully driven to your location of preference and carried in to the hope and placed where you want it.  Again, this furniture does not arrive flat in a box so we have to be careful how it’s moved into the home between hallways, stairways, doorways and tight corners.  You want a team of professionals that care about your heirloom investment as much as you do.