• Boudoir: Sensual, stirring designs with quiet strength
  • Countryside: Updated traditional styles for any home
  • Eco: Calming modern style for any home
  • Farmhouse: Serene offering a historic, farm style
  • Industrial: Hardworking, functional wood-and-steel with timeless style
  • New York: Sophisticated, uncompromising designs
  • Nordic: Simple, minimal with high-function
  • Urban: Clean, classic modern style
  • Beach

A beach house design is a style that gives a light and colorful appeal. It mimics the blue and green shades of the ocean, sandy beach tones and coral hues that resonate a beach-like atmosphere.

What kind of setting is best suited to this style? Living areas that let in natural light. Woods are commonly light colored such as greys, white and whitewash. They are popular as they resemble natural colors of driftwood.

Challenges of this design: Finding the right shade of each color. Greys, whites and soft greens are the basic colors to start. Essentially, pastel tones are preferred. Avoid heavy, dark colors. Striped patterns, florals and bright solid colors are commonly used in beach decor.

Easy ways to make this design happen: You can always accessorize around the rooms with coral, aqua, yellow and light blue colors with throw pillows, wall hangings, centerpieces, area rugs — even a basket of seashells).

  • Country If you love that bed-and-breakfast style feeling you experience, that inviting special vacation retreat and comfortable feeling, then you’ll love the farmhouse design trend that’s growing in popularity today! These stools will compliment this style and are just as hardworking as the farmers who inspired this design trend.
  • Farmhouse
  • French Country bar and counter stools are very popular for a reason — they give your room a soft and welcoming appeal with a sense of old world style.
  • Industrial by old factories and industrial spaces, these industrial bar stools add the perfect chic style you’re looking to add to your loft or kitchen
  • Mediterranean
  • Modern bar stools feature clean lines without ornate decorative curves, a minimal look. Whether bold or subdued, every modern stool we offer has been tested to make sure it’s comfy to sit in. We don’t stock any stools that aren’t comfortable!
  • Nordic
  • Retro
  • Traditional
  • Victorian